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About Us


Brass – Casey Apolloni
Colour Guard – Lynn Courville
Percussion – Vinnie Frappier


In the early 50’s, students from the Sudbury Mining and Technical School (Sheridan Tech) would grab drums, horns, and whatever else would make a lot of noise, and loudly cheer on their school football team, the Blue Devils. What they lacked in musical ability, they replaced with school spirit.

The late Maurice Gravelle, the school’s music professor, decided to organize the Sudbury Mining and Technical School Band from the ranks of the noisemakers. Most agree it was because Mr. Gravelle had too much respect for music to listen to their cacophony.

Mr. Gravelle’s school associate and successor, the late George Netzke, continued the process of developing musical ability. However, he also brought military discipline into the mix, for Mr. Netzke was quite involved and well known within the Canadian Militia. He brought them from school band to Canadian Drum Corps. In 1958, their name became the Blue Saints (to compliment the school team, the Blue Devils).

They also represent the histories of two other drum corps, the Nickel City Sound and the Imperial Knights. Both corps have folded and entered the rich history of the Big Blue.

Since their inception into the world of Drum Corps, they have flourished and made their school, and city, proud. From numerous competitions, to taking part in the Calgary Stampede and the now famous Quebec Winter Carnival where they were praised back home. For 65 years, they have represented and entertained Sudbury, providing their youth with musical education, self-esteem, a work ethic, pride, and most importantly fun. We look forward to another 65 years, as we hope you do as well.

Mission Statement

To provide music and movement education in cooperation with school music education programs. This education enhances the student’s overall musical education by building self-esteem, self-confidence, and self- reliance. Life and social skills mature through leadership training, commitment to work ethic, and teamwork. The student’s civic pride is developed through recognition and involvement in their community

We are dedicated to:

The pursuit of excellence through music and movement education
Development of character by building life and social skills
Building a sense of belonging through commitment to the organization
Building pride in achievement through accomplishments

Our vision is to become the premier youth performance arts program in the Greater city of Sudbury. Our plan is to develop to the fullest extent possible enabling students a vehicle in which to study their art and grow socially.